Cyber Security Safety Tips 

  • Do not click on suspicious emails, attachments or links.
  • Keep your operating system up-to-date on all devices.
  • Install antivirus software on all devices and keep it up-to-date.
  • Keep your firewall turned ON.
  • Turn off, lock, or set to “time- out” when your computer or device is not in use.
  • Use strong passwords and change them every 90 days.
  • Do not use personal information for passwords.
  • Use individual employee accounts, not shared emails accounts.
  •  Be careful of what you download.
  • Avoid websites you don’t trust.
  • Do not send wire instructions or other business-sensitive data to or from a personal email account.
  • Encrypt all emails containing wire instructions or other business sensitive data.
  • Use only secured email accounts and avoid using free, web-based email accounts for business communications.
  • Be aware that the email accounts of other parties to a transaction may be unsecured or easily hacked.


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