As Part of Our Service, We Will...

OPEN escrow and deposit Buyer’s earnest money in a separate escrow account. CONDUCT a title search to determine ownership and status of the property under contract.

ISSUE a Commitment of Title and BEGIN the process to delete or record items to provide clear title to the property.

Assist to MEET all deadlines as specified in the contract.

REQUEST payoff information for the Seller’s loans, other liens, homeowners association fees, etc. and PRORATE fees, such as property taxes, per the contract, and PREPARE the settlement statement.

SCHEDULE separate closing appointments: Seller will sign documents; Buyer will sign documents and deposit funds.

REVIEW documents ensuring all conditions and legal requirements are fulfilled; REQUEST funds from lender.

When all fund are deposited, RECORD documents at the local County Recorder to transfer the subject property to the Buyer.

After recordation is confirmed, CLOSE escrow and disburse funds, including Seller’s proceeds, loan payoffs, REALTORS® commissions, related fees for recording, etc.

PREPARE and SEND final documents and title policies to parties involved.

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