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Electronic EM at Laramie County Abstract & Title

Electronic EM at Laramie County Abstract & Title is excited to provide its clients with access to EMTransfer. EMTransfer is a cloud-based solution that allows real estate agents and real estate buyers to collect, document and disburse their earnest money 100% electronically.

On this page, you'll be able to learn how to use EMTransfer and to sign up to use the service at Electronic EM at Laramie County Abstract & Title.


Learn About EMTransfer

EMTransfer is on the cutting edge when it comes to working with Earnest Money 100% electronically. Take a few minutes to watch the following video to learn what EMTransfer is and what EMTransfer is not.


Agent/Buyer Tutorial Video

Ready to get started? Fantastic, we've put together the following agent tutorial video that will quickly teach you how to use EMTransfer with your Real Estate Buyers.


Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions about using EMTransfer at Laramie County Abstract and Title, we encourage you to check out the EMTransfer FAQ page.

Also, feel free to contact the support staff at EMTransfer, their contact details are:

(208) 918-1012 | info@emtransfer.com

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