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Title Insurance

Title insurance is used by home Buyers and Lenders for protection against delinquent taxes, undisclosed liens, legal judgments, forgeries, fraud, and a host of other potential legal or financial problems that can arise when purchasing or refinancing property.

Escrow Services

The term Escrow means any agreement between two or more parties wherein the delivery of instruments, monies, items of value, or evidence of title to real or personal property is placed with a neutral third party. This agreement contains specific written instructions executed by all parties to the transaction. This neutral third party is referred to as the “Escrow Agent.”

1031 Exchange

The 1031 Exchange is quite possibly the most powerful investment tool available to property owners. By selling appreciated business or investment property outright you could pay from 15% to 50% in tax on the sale. A 1031 Exchange allows you to defer the tax and increase your purchasing power by keeping your equity intact.

Long Term Escrow

A Long Term Escrow is an arrangement in which an unbiased third party holds legal documents and according to written instructions from the Buyer and Seller accepts and distributes payments.