Title Financial Corporation Of Wyoming  

This is the story of three plucky, independent and successful Wyoming title companies that joined together to form "Team Paintbrush".

Recognizing that we are stronger together than we are alone, Laramie County Abstract, Jackson Hole Title & Escrow, and Gillette Title Services banded together under the umbrella of Title Financial Corporation to provide their customers enhanced service, security and technology while retaining their local expertise and Wyoming roots.

What’s up with the Indian Paintbrush?

Adopted as the State Flower by Wyoming’s fourteenth legislature in 1917, the Indian Paintbrush is emblematic of the deep Wyoming roots of all our local offices, as well as our continued growth and commitment to the State of Wyoming.

Some say the wildflower got its name from a Native American legend. According to the tale, a young brave wanted to paint the sunset. Frustrated that he couldn’t reproduce nature’s brilliance, he asked the Great Spirit for help, who provided him with paintbrushes laden with spectacular colors. After painting his masterpiece, the young artist left his paintbrushes scattered about the fields and meadows. These paintbrushes blossomed into the Indian Paintbrush flowers loved by all who visit and live in Wyoming. 

Team Paintbrush: Local Commitment. Regional Strength.

TFC of Wyoming

195 S. Broadway

Blackfoot, ID 83221

Phone: 208.785.5511

Email: info@titlefc.com

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